Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mother Nature is SO Crafty

I don't know what it is about the ushering in of Fall that makes me want to get all crafty. It makes me want to pick up knitting needles I don't own or know how to use for that matter.
I see wreaths embellishing doors or welcoming guests in homes as they hover in entryways or over hearths.
While my attempts to sew an owl and a "planner cover" are proudly displayed on my dining room table, they don't fill that need to make something pretty.
This time of year, and due to a summer full of drought, things are not so "pretty" out of doors. While there are many shades of golds and ambers in the cornfield behind us, their beauty is more in the rattling & whistling they do as the winds pass through them. The grasses are mottled with plots of matted brown and the trees are sort of a yellowy green in their boughs and branches. Their color explosion and breathtaking acts will be performed in the coming weeks.
Now, is kind of a transition time. Nothing special seemed to be going on. And then I saw something that made me pause. It made me wonder if my grandmother saw the same sight as a little girl and made fairy wings or party dresses for woodland elves.
Out of all of the shades of browns and yellows were shimmering drops of pearls and large pearls at that! There they were hanging delicately like bubbles encased in the wand, waiting for the blower to give life. Mother Nature gave me browns and then whispered, "But look what it will do..."

My son and I are off to "pop" the little skins off and expose these silky little windows. Mother Nature is so crafty. What an inspiration!!



  1. September 23rd through mid-October the sun is in the sign of Libra, which is ruled by Venus goddess of love and beauty. On top of that there is the belief that autumn represents the element of air (Libra is also an air sign), which lends itself very nicely to creativity of all types (science and math as well as arts and crafts). I think it little wonder the fall inspires such creativity--for me its the one season of the year where I actually feel fully alive!

  2. I haven't seen one of these around for a long while.Thanks for the pictures.I remember the silky feel between my fingers.Hang on to those seeds :^)

  3. Wow this is eye catching, you have a talent. Love the background.