Friday, September 10, 2010

Fabulous Find Friday

It's Friday!! I was talking with my amazing sister yesterday and she reminded me about one of her favorite Christmas websites: "Organized Christmas" This is an 18 week plan to get you all set for Christmas without the clutter, stress and panic. BUT, I think I saved up all of my stress and panic from last year, because I was trying to figure out how to get started and then I got myself into a total panic. I'm already two weeks behind! And my house isn't nearly ready for Halloween! I LURVE Halloween.
OK after a couple deep breaths and a little bit of looking at the site, I have found some peace and footing. I'm off to print out the planner pages. YES! They give you all of the pages to follow along. Isn't that so nice of them? It has also triggered that I need to get working on my ornaments! I love making gingerbread ornaments. I also love to make gingerbread cookies, but I'm not quite ready to bake those yet. It's nearly cool enough. Maybe next week. We'll see. I can't wait!!
Yay for Gingerbread! Yay for Organized Christmas! Yay for Friday!

Oh! We're heading to the park today. I can't wait to take some pictures! My hope is to capture a really good one for Christmas cards and get those out before January!! I'm in search of super cute Christmas Card ideas too! So much fun stuff to do! Here is a picture of last year's card. I actually got it out before Christmas. :)

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