Friday, September 3, 2010

A Long Row To Hoe! Am I! Oh My!

Oh I LOVE this blogging! Not because I am even a remotely talented blogger but because of the journey that has just begun! I have found so many AMAZINGLY INSPIRING bloggers and I feel myself really beginning to "wake up!"
It is such a crazy, scary, good feeling! It's like a little girl in me is waking up and saying, "Finally! You're going to listen to me for yourself!
I think I am going to join a gym now too!! And my hubby might go with me! Yay! (He just called to say Hi and I ran it by him and he was interested!! Whee!) Getting healthy inside and outside and in the home!


The project I decided to take on right away is the house. It is a clutterfest and doesn't bring the happy, joyous feeling to me and my family that it could and should. I can't decide where to start. Part of the big problem. But I'm leaning towards the living room and dining room and kitchen. Sounds like a big task. And it is. The very first thing I need to do is get past that sentence and just jump in! I took some pictures but not sure if I'm brave enough to post them yet. Maybe when I have an "after" shot to go with. :)

Oh! I think I will join this crafting class too! It will go so jolly with the sewing class. Woo hoo!!

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