Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome Practical Magic Party Goers!

Practical Magic was one of my absolute favorite movies and continues to be. I love how close all of the women are and how strong they are in every generation!
Their house is amazing in it's own spiritual way. I just adore old homes. So much character and mystery in every floorboard, door frame and nail.
I'm sorry my blog isn't much yet. I've only just begun!
Brightest Blessings to All!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mother Nature is SO Crafty

I don't know what it is about the ushering in of Fall that makes me want to get all crafty. It makes me want to pick up knitting needles I don't own or know how to use for that matter.
I see wreaths embellishing doors or welcoming guests in homes as they hover in entryways or over hearths.
While my attempts to sew an owl and a "planner cover" are proudly displayed on my dining room table, they don't fill that need to make something pretty.
This time of year, and due to a summer full of drought, things are not so "pretty" out of doors. While there are many shades of golds and ambers in the cornfield behind us, their beauty is more in the rattling & whistling they do as the winds pass through them. The grasses are mottled with plots of matted brown and the trees are sort of a yellowy green in their boughs and branches. Their color explosion and breathtaking acts will be performed in the coming weeks.
Now, is kind of a transition time. Nothing special seemed to be going on. And then I saw something that made me pause. It made me wonder if my grandmother saw the same sight as a little girl and made fairy wings or party dresses for woodland elves.
Out of all of the shades of browns and yellows were shimmering drops of pearls and large pearls at that! There they were hanging delicately like bubbles encased in the wand, waiting for the blower to give life. Mother Nature gave me browns and then whispered, "But look what it will do..."

My son and I are off to "pop" the little skins off and expose these silky little windows. Mother Nature is so crafty. What an inspiration!!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wreath It To Me!

Ok, a totally tacky blog post title, but OH. MY. GOODNESS! There are some darling wreaths happening out there in Blogland. I bought most of the materials to make a standard grapevine & silk flower wreath for fall, but when researching for ideas I found so many wonderful ideas. Whimsical ideas for birthdays like this wreath I found on HowDoesShe? Here is the link to a tutorial. I can't wait to get started!

Or these beautiful yarn wrapped wreaths with felt flowers. I <3 these wreaths so much that my tummy squeezes whenever I see one. They take me back to some time as a girl with my grandmother. Maybe it isn't even a real time, but a moment I would have so loved to have had with her. This particular wreath was found Here

Then I saw this wreath and it was so cozy and fun! I want to try it little sock rosettes or something. I love how it screams to be touched. You can find it at Betz White's site Here. I just found her site this morning. I'm sure I'm the last person on earth. So you know she has BEAUTIFUL, crafty books too! Smart and crafty girls. When I grow up I want to be one!

The last wreath I will post is made out of recycled plastic bags. And because I still haven't made myself remember to always bring our reusable bags (and I use the plastic ones to scoop icky litter boxes) I have plenty around the house. You can find this amazing creation at Two Peas in a Bucket. Another place I am sure you have been to!

Oh! I am so excited to try at least one, if not four or five...

I have to post just one more. This one I hope to make today with my 2 year old son. One of his favorite things to collect are rocks. And his second favorite are sticks. So of course this beauty is a must since he can help so much!

Isn't it so pretty and rustic? It has a wonderful sunburst/snowflake/shiny star quality. I'm even thinking of painting a couple to hang out on our old shed. Please visit The Painted Hive for a great tutorial.

I hope you are finding inspirations, if not here, somewhere!

Happy Fall!! It's official now!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two and a Half.

The birds are in their full migration stopping through our yard less and less frequently now. Leaves are beginning to tumble from their branches to crunch beneath our feet. The air is crisp, the mornings are cooler and the apples are bursting off of their trees. Hayrides are popping up on nearby orchards and farms with tractors rumbling through dried grasses filled with rosy cheeked passengers bouncing happily along. Ripe pumpkins, full and round, lay waiting for chubby little fingers to deem them "that one." The autumnal equinox is a mere hours away. The first official day of fall is Wednesday. Cider will be the preferred fruit beverage over lemonade and hot chocolate with marshmallows will take the place of cold ice cream shakes. All of this has happened many times before; in my lifetime, your lifetime and so it begins in my son's lifetime.
Today my son turned two and a half years old. In a mere thirty months he has grown from gurgles to pointing and saying, "This may be dangerous. Careful." or "I see the cows too, Mommy." Every day for the past couple of weeks he seems to pick up new words. We even here him saying, "May I have this please?" Or he'll apologize on his own for walking in someone's path or bumping into them, etc.
On our way to Lap Babies this morning he was bellowing "Hi!" to every college student heading off to their classes. And he'll point out every sight of interest to anyone that lends an ear.
He takes leaf hoppers out of his water table and catches spiders in old yogurt containers. He thinks most music is "too noisy," but Katy Perry seems to be OK. He thinks the Cat in the Hat is very funny and that hamburgers are called Krabby Patties. He worries about monsters and ghosts and knows what it is to be scared. He also knows what it is to be independent and stretches his comfort zone every week. Mommy isn't as happy about that, but in her heart knows it is wonderful for him.
Tonight the crickets are still chirping, the air was warm enough to be out without a jacket and somewhere in the distance a train whistle is calling. Upstairs my little baby is dreaming about pumpkins and donuts and dinosaurs and train rides and growing, growing, growing.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut. . .

This is one of those days when I forgot to get dressed! We were up bright and early had a full breakfast and I sat down to read blogs. Tickety! Tickety! Tock! And away went the clock! Next thing I know the UPS driver is pulling up in my driveway, and I am slamming the light switches down, clicking off Wallace and Grommit and running for cover! What a nut!!
Speaking of nuts, I was reading about coconut milk in coffee on one of my most favorite blogs, and so I tried it. I used just the straight coconut milk in my coffee. It made the coffee taste a tad bitter, but in kind of a good way. I added a splash of soy milk and that evened it out. I bet a sweetener would make it taste decadent, but I'm trying to avoid sweeteners a bit. It's really growing on my with every sip. I do love the coconut flavor and in this case, I think you have to. Mmmm! Just had another sip.

So why was the UPS man here? Well, I was thinking of making laundry soap! Still just thinking, because the box smelled so yummy, I wanted to take a bar out and dash up to the bath! I ordered peppermint soap and it smells so crisp and perfect for these cool fall days. It would be fabulous for laundry.

While searching for a recipe I found Dr. Bronner's soaps highly recommended on several sites. Going by the packaging alone, I am excited! I can't wait to try them and to give them. I ordered the Baby Mild Salve and Baby Mild Liquid for my baby boy. It's getting on the colder weather here and he gets a bit of that dry skin on his cheeks.

I got the tea tree oil soap to try on my face. And I bought a salve for my husband for the dry weather. I can't wait to try it all!

Happiness to all!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fabulous Find Friday

It's Friday!! I was talking with my amazing sister yesterday and she reminded me about one of her favorite Christmas websites: "Organized Christmas" This is an 18 week plan to get you all set for Christmas without the clutter, stress and panic. BUT, I think I saved up all of my stress and panic from last year, because I was trying to figure out how to get started and then I got myself into a total panic. I'm already two weeks behind! And my house isn't nearly ready for Halloween! I LURVE Halloween.
OK after a couple deep breaths and a little bit of looking at the site, I have found some peace and footing. I'm off to print out the planner pages. YES! They give you all of the pages to follow along. Isn't that so nice of them? It has also triggered that I need to get working on my ornaments! I love making gingerbread ornaments. I also love to make gingerbread cookies, but I'm not quite ready to bake those yet. It's nearly cool enough. Maybe next week. We'll see. I can't wait!!
Yay for Gingerbread! Yay for Organized Christmas! Yay for Friday!

Oh! We're heading to the park today. I can't wait to take some pictures! My hope is to capture a really good one for Christmas cards and get those out before January!! I'm in search of super cute Christmas Card ideas too! So much fun stuff to do! Here is a picture of last year's card. I actually got it out before Christmas. :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can't I?

Oh my gosh. If you look over to the right under "Inspirations" that is where I have been the last few days. Not here! Not blogging on my little page of cyberspace. There are so many incredible women out there doing so many great things with their homes, lives, selves and families! My head is spinning! Right now I am over on "Kandee the Make-Up Artist's" site. She is adorable and gives some really fun and never would of thought of that tips. You might check it out. Check any of them out. I just adore them all! YAY for the internet and clever-smart girls!!
No one is reading this blog yet because I haven't really done anything worth shouting from the rooftops. But I have to sneak in that I am listening to my little Sugar Bear in dreamy dream land. Have you ever heard your baby/child laugh in their sleep? It is THE most wonderful sound. It's like the first sip of a silky double chocolatey hot chocolate and the whip cream tickled your nose. Only instead of your nose, your baby tickles your heart. You just have to smile and smile big!

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Long Row To Hoe! Am I! Oh My!

Oh I LOVE this blogging! Not because I am even a remotely talented blogger but because of the journey that has just begun! I have found so many AMAZINGLY INSPIRING bloggers and I feel myself really beginning to "wake up!"
It is such a crazy, scary, good feeling! It's like a little girl in me is waking up and saying, "Finally! You're going to listen to me for yourself!
I think I am going to join a gym now too!! And my hubby might go with me! Yay! (He just called to say Hi and I ran it by him and he was interested!! Whee!) Getting healthy inside and outside and in the home!


The project I decided to take on right away is the house. It is a clutterfest and doesn't bring the happy, joyous feeling to me and my family that it could and should. I can't decide where to start. Part of the big problem. But I'm leaning towards the living room and dining room and kitchen. Sounds like a big task. And it is. The very first thing I need to do is get past that sentence and just jump in! I took some pictures but not sure if I'm brave enough to post them yet. Maybe when I have an "after" shot to go with. :)

Oh! I think I will join this crafting class too! It will go so jolly with the sewing class. Woo hoo!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Maiden Post

It's a big deal putting that first post on a fresh new blog. My middle of the night inspirations and great ideas germinating in the shower have taken their leave and this is a bit intimidating!
This is my third blog. My first blog started as a means to chart my first pregnancy and keep in touch with friends and family along the way.  I moved 3,000 miles away from everyone I knew about 3 years ago and since multi media has been a tremendous resource. The second blog was to chart my second pregnancy but that ended at nine and half weeks about seven and a half weeks ago and I haven't had the heart to pick up that blog. Though I tried to, it had an energy around it while beautiful in some manner but also harboring a darkness that I need to walk through and not stay in. So here I am at blog number three!
Gingerbread Goddess will be my journey into the very thing I love most  my family.  I am married to a wonderful man and we have a beautiful son. My priorities at this moment are raising & educating my son and fostering a strong and enduring family. Like many other bloggers my focus will be to navigate our journey while trying to evolve into a more sustainable and gentle people on our home called Earth.
I'm in a bit of a panic these days. I've become nearly fixated on my son's education. I was a teacher for 16 years. You would think I'd have a handle on it. But I don't! I'm not sure at all how I feel about the public school system and I have found a great love of Waldorf & a bit of Montessori. If I had the funds I would start my own school, but currently I don't. Although I am considering home schooling more and more each day.
Gingerbread Goddess will begin with tales of my assent into different pedagogies as well as my mini adventures in furthering my personal education as well. No, I am not going back to school in any mainstream sense, but I am going to start learning new things to hopefully live better and feel better. I'll be lugging my gorgeous 60lbs sewing machine to a sewing class next Tuesday! My husband brought it home for me about 3 years ago when all I wanted to do was make cloth diapers. Ahh... I digress. (I do that A LOT!) I can't wait for that class to begin! In the meantime I'll be working on holiday crafts and trying out new recipes. I can't cook at all. I'm pretty much a former single/workaholic/overachieving/teacher/animal rescuer/recluse. I survived on Starbucks and cereal and the occasional In-N-Out. Fast forward 3 years and I am in a house (not a classroom), living with TWO boys (What?!), I'm far away from my Mom, my sister and my bestest friends. It's been a rocky ride but the best adventure I have EVER been on!
If anyone besides me is actually reading this, thank you so much for for taking the time to stop by! I hope we get to know each other and swap lots of great ideas and good laughs! Here we go!!!